If you are interested in joining our professional team, please send us a resume.

Enclose a cover letter that outlines each of the following:

• Years of experience in healthcare billing.

• A description or copy of any certifications, credentials, degrees, licenses,
continuing education courses, or other earned designations.

• The date you are available for employment.

• Preferred work hours.

• The hourly wage you would accept.

• When and where you can be contacted for an interview.

Mail to:

Waterford Medical Billing.
ATTN: Employment Opportunities
P.O. Box 724928
Atlanta, GA 31139-9028

Or e-mail resume to:

[email protected] with the subject line: resume


You will be contacted for an interview if a position that fits your resume and
cover letter becomes available. Waterford will retain on file all resumes
received for a maximum period of six months. Re-application at six-month
intervals is welcome.