Waterford Medical Billing has traditionally specialized in providing services for the following physician practices:

The Physician who has had trouble staffing with qualified, experienced professionals:

This practice may be in a tight labor market or may have a turnover rate that has diluted the pool of expertise.

Waterford Medical Billing has a very low employee turnover rate. Most of our employees have been with the company more than 5 years. With Waterford, you enjoy the luxury of having a team of professionals that has many years of direct medical billing experience. We process a high volume of claims each year, so we seldom encounter a claim issue that we haven't already successfully resolved.

Additionally, recruiting, hiring, training, covering for vacations and sick days, paying employee salaries, evaluations, benefits and taxes, and dealing with employee-related issues are assumed by Waterford - giving the doctor time to concentrate on patient care.

The Physician who has had employees embezzle money and doesn't trust anyone to handle finances:

This practice has financially and emotionally suffered at the hands of an employee who betrayed the doctor's trust.

Waterford Medical Billing employs strict audit controls to ensure that all charges and payments are captured.

The Physician whose collection ratio is below industry standards:

This practice's staff is often overworked, unorganized or inexperienced. Often, in a busy practice, the staff is called upon to do tasks necessary to run the day-to-day operations. Follow-up may be put on the back burner. They may have discovered that it is easier and faster to simply write-off rejected claims and to accept downwardly adjusted payments. Or it might be that they just don't understand how to read EOBs or monitor their fee schedule.

Unlike your staff - who are paid regardless of how much money the practice generates - if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. It is to our mutual benefit to quickly collect the full, appropriate compensation for services rendered.

The Physician who has an outdated computer system (or one that is not all that it was promised to be) and doesn't want to invest in a new one:

This practice benefits from electronic claim filing and edits, rapid reimbursement, and comprehensive reports - all without investing in the high cost of owning, updating and maintaining state-of-the-art medical billing hardware and software.

The Physician who opens a new practice:

As the practice ramps up, it receives the benefit of an experienced professional billing service at a part-time rate. Since fees are based on the amount collected, you only pay for the amount of service you use.

The Physician who has a high-dollar, aged A/R:

This practice has been unable to work accounts for a variety of reasons. The practice profits by allowing their staff to focus on cleaning up the old A/R, while Waterford Medical Billing keeps the new charges current. This immediately increases the practice's cash flow.

Hospital-owned physician practices:

The hospital has the advantage of central billing without the high cost of running an in-house operation. Additionally, unlike hospital staff, Waterford Medical Billing has a built-in incentive to quickly collect the full, appropriate compensation for services rendered.