The Benefits of Outsourcing

Lower your overhead by:

• Reducing employee salaries, taxes and benefits. Spend less time hiring and training, and dealing with employee-related issues.

• Reducing the need for office space, furniture supplies and equipment.

• Reducing the need for computer upgrades, hardware and software, and maintenance contracts.

• Reducing phone lines and long distance telephone charges.

• Reducing costs for HCFA forms, patient statements, computer paper and postage.

Increase your quality through:

• Our highly trained staff. We continuously upgrade our skills through seminars, workshops, newsletters and other professional programs.

• Our awareness of the delicate balance between firmness and politeness, whether dealing with patients or insurance companies.

• Our commitment to assuring that the physician-patient relationship isn’t adversely affected by our efforts.

Maintain your control through:

• Complete access to your accounts.

• Comprehensive month-end reports. You can evaluate your practice's total performance, plus break out data by provider and/or practice location.

• Strict audit controls, helping to ensure that you deposit the money you earn.

Increase your cash flow through:

• Our built-in incentive to collect your money. We are paid only on the money we collect.

• Electronic filing. Preprocessing edits ensure fewer claims are rejected by insurance companies. Claims are filed instantly. Patient balances are collected sooner.

• Redirecting your staff away from billing and onto the day-to-day operations that make your practice profitable.